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    1. Shenyang Zhang Ming Chemical Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Applied Technology Experiment Factory is a private enterprise which integrates scientific research, development, application and production and sale. Over the past 20 years, enterprises have focused on the production innovation and process independent innovation of products such as paint driers and ISO octanoic acid. They have a number of independent intellectual property rights and undertake the "National Torch Program" project.

      There are 8 kinds and 12 kinds of products. In the joint efforts of the leaders and staff under the State Ministry of science and technology, enterprises have been identified as "high-tech enterprises", the Provincial Department of Commerce was identified as "Liaoning province fine chemical product key export enterprises" and "Chinese chemical technology innovation demonstration enterprise".



      The company has become a large-scale production plant, a large paint drying agent factory, large scale production of naphthenic acid and unsaturated polyester resin curing agent production plant. Now the production of five categories of nearly 110 kinds of products.

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      Company's products are exported to the world, has been sold in the region including China, the United States, Europe, South Africa, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region.


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